WeVo Mobile

Create an app that improves the voting experience


Voter turnout has become a serious problem in today’s highly polarized political environment. Wevo is geared towards youth with a more contemporary way to consume and educate the voting population, and offers  users the option to skip the polling lines when they register to vote/link their id number. 

A large reason polling turnouts have decreased is because of the anxiety around voter suppression and intimidation. Wevo has a report function built into the polling location pages where users can report problems and rate their experience. 

Choosing the right candidate isn’t always clear cut, but wevo can help weigh what issues are most important to you. In turn, helping you find the candidate that aligns best with your ideals


Starting with a user flow chart, I mapped out the architecture of the app and all the possible user journeys.

Using the flow chart, wireframes for each page and subpage of the app were created.

Once all the pages were designed, a new user flow chart with thumbnails was created to tighten up the design flow.

The most tedious, but exciting part. Using after effects the interface interactions were created to help understand the prototype’s functionality.