Virtual Campus Tour (for Pratt Institute)



Create a virtual tour for the Office of Admissions that mimics and expands their in-person tour experience.

The tour was produced by EAB for Pratt Institute. Please click here to visit the live tour. Below are screen captures that highlight variety of media captured, such as integrated videos with 360 images, student work slideshows, and supplemental materials

The tour access link is implemented on the official school website “Visiting the Brooklyn Campus” page. See highlighted text in the below image, and to view the full webpage please click here.

This was a project undertaken by Pratt Institute’s Office of Admissions’ small creative subset, which was composed of two hybrid Admissions Counselors/Creative Content Managers, our Director of Admission Recruitment, and our Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management. 

Having  graduated with a creative degree, previous experience as a Pratt tour guide and Admissions Counselor, I was brought onto the team a third of the way through the project to assist with the production and delivery of the product.

I was a part of the pre-planning committee, was responsible for the on-site photo capture and staging, and worked as a liaison between the Office of Admissions and EAB and as a liaison between the Office of Admissions and all the Pratt departments in terms of scheduling and gathering supplemental material.



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