Dear No. 23,

Hi I’m so happy you responded to my story! I felt I never introduced myself to you, so I hope this can take that form of sorts.

I gave you my fish last semester. I only had the best intentions, but I’m sorry she kicked the bucket soon after. Your roommates had told me yours died. I was hoping that mine would cheer you up, but I was also looking for a way to get rid of her. A fish is a lot more responsibility than I had the time for, but I’m sorry she died so quickly. Guess she was a weak one, but I hope she kept you company for the few days that she was alive. Did you get another?

How are you? What are you interested in? I’ve seen your illustrations and photography on instagram. The illustrations are cute. I like the line quality, the tone they evoke. They feel very soft and dreamy, but also very personal, ~quirky~. They’re very aesthetic. They feel very different from your photography. Your photos are clean and crisp, like everything in frame is intentional. My favorite photos of yours are the ones I saw when I was stalking your website, the ones in the collection grandma’s house. I recently lost my grandma, and your photos felt like an ending, a goodbye of sorts to your grandma’s house. Whether she passed or just moved, they helped me find peace in the process that happens after life. The organizing of one’s assets and attempt at dividing a life like it’s a tangible object.

I’d love to get to know you more! I hope you have a good day and coming weeks. Sending bunches of happiness and positivity!


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