Dear No. 21,

You are absolutely adorable. I’m so happy to be your godmother, and I can’t wait to spoil you on your birthdays! The Gatorade bath has you looking really blue and delectable. I love FaceTiming you, you never fail to make me smile, but most importantly thank you for taking care of your mum for me. She scares me sometimes, but knowing you’re there to keep watch over her makes me really happy. She depends on you, just as much you do her, so please love and care for her in my absence.

I’ve fallen in love with you, long before you even knew about me. I’ve been watching over you since you were a just a figment of your mothers imagination. I’ve watched you shed and grow anew, so many layers, so much maturity you’ve gained in a short few months. Lots of love, and I hope you like your new play place!


©2020 maura lian