Dear No. 20,

When do you want to talk about thesis? Just let me know I’m available most of the time, or if it’s too difficult to find a time that works for both of our schedules you have my contact!

Do you have a website? I’d be really curious to explore it. I remember the Gutenberg Bible project you did last year. I was a big fan, I really loved the graphics for it. I honestly was hoping you were going to prototype it, because I most definitely wanted to download and use it! Your work for Gerbino’s was also really cute. Your graphic style and your illustration style always conflicted in my mind, but your Piggy project in Gerbino’s brought it all together and made a lot more sense. We seem to have very similar work ethics/research methods. I’d love to collaborate on a project with you in the future.

How’s home? I always see your story, and it looks like so much more fun than being in NYC. It looks like you’ve all found some sort of new normal where leaving the house no longer risks the impending doom of death. I wish.

How was your summer? Sorry I have so many questions, it’s just been forever since we caught up. It’s strange now, with online classes I really miss the accidental run-ins and off hand conversations with people I don’t see everyday. We always talked regularly because of class, but without class as a facilitator I realized there are a lot of people I really miss, yourself included. I miss seeing your face. I hope it’s smiling or at least laughing! Salutations, and hopefully I hear from you soon!


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