Dear No. 19,

Hi, how are you doing? You’re one of those people, I’ve seen around campus a bunch, but I’ve never really had a conversation with you outside of class. I’d like to change that, so I guess this is a start.

I’ve always found your work to be really inspiring. The first time I ever saw a large body of your work was at the ComD Canvas show sophomore year. Your table was in the same room, diagonal of mine. You covered the entire table and wall in paper, if I’m remembering right. It was really a beautiful presentation. I really love the way your printmaking and illustrations glide on the surface. They have style, personality, love—lots of it! The way you assemble your collages is also really seamless. While very separate materials, every piece seems to flow together so cohesively. I can’t tell the difference between what was found, drawn or whatever other techniques you employ. Whatever it is you're doing, it’s working really well, please continue posting I’m a big supporter!

But aside form your art, you’re also a really fun person to talk with. I’m always happy when we’re put into breakout rooms together. You have a really interesting perspective to bring to the discussion. It’s clear you care about a lot of topics, but you always seem to bring it back to diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. The way you’re able to fill a space, you bring a lot of comfort, nothing ever seems awkward or irrational when talking with you. You really treasure others’ ideas and are a flexible artist.

Also if you’re unaware this is actually my public intervention piece for class, so that’s awesome you participated! Thank you for your support and dedication to helping shape/make space for others in our world. Sending lots of love and adoration your way!


©2020 maura lian