Dear No. 18,

I was surprised when you reached out. After I left, I was quick to build this assumption that people from home could care less about the art I create. Maybe that’s partially true, but I don’t think it’s as binary as I’ve created it, so thank you for reaching out.

I hope you’re doing well! If I remembered right, I thought you went to school in Canada? How’s that been? I bet it’s gorgeous, and especially nice to have somewhat of an escape from the messy situation we’re in. I’ve been trying to convince all my friends to go to Canada with me to ski, but road trips don’t seem to tickle their fancy and it’s probably not the most considerate thing to be doing now :/ But how are they, the slopes? Have you gone skiing since moving there? I feel like I’d never never want to do my work with natures pervasion.

I have this really vivd memory of you, but it doesn’t make much sense. Of all the times I’ve talked to you, the only memory that seems to stick is a text you sent me in middle school. I’m not even sure what the actual text said, but you sent me a photo of a duct tape wallet you had made. I think it was green and grey, I could be wrong about the colors, but I’m positive it was a duct tape wallet. I don’t think I even commented on it. It was a really low-res picture. I don’t even remember how it made me feel, so I can’t rationalize why I remember this, but the memory persists years later.

Anytime we texted, all I could think about was the time disparity. Not the time between responses, but the time between when you’d hit send and I’d receive the message. We’re practically neighbors, or at least we were, and I was always so curious to how the messages were bouncing form our phones to the cell towers and back to pretty much the same location just slightly farther down the street. Weird right.

As I’ve been writing these letters, I’ve been making a point to voice how the person makes me feel, whether that be net negative or positive. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, I don’t want to make any assumptions about who you are now because I doubt it’s anything like high school you. Either way, I hope you’re staying safe, enjoying living, and doing whatever’s best for you. Good luck with graduation! If we’re ever in the same place again I’d love to grab coffee!


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