Dear No. 14,

We’ve only really hung out a few times, one of which I wasn’t even really aware of, but it’s good to hear from you again. In writing these letters I have a tendency to define the type of relationship at the beginning, but I don’t mean for that to be comparative dig, I think it just gives me a smoother introduction to the letter… but then is it really “smooth” if I feel the need to explain my reasoning?

How’s life? Are you still making personalized face masks, and how do I get one? Your art is insane, in the best way possible. I always see your posts on instagram, and your style makes me smile. Your sketches are especially a favorite of mine, they’re very ephemeral and breathy. They feel very much like an extension of your personality.

Hanging out with you is peaceful, you seem very much like a go with the flow kind of person, and I appreciate that. Maybe it’s the long hair, but something about it makes you feel more fluid than other people I typically interact with. There’s still so much I don’t know about you, but I hope this letter brings a little clarity to your perception of me.

You have cats right? And if you don’t, I’m not sure why I associate you with having cats. I hope you get to spend some time outside, getting that vitamin D before it gets mucky outside. Sending lots of love and support your way.


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