Dear No. 13,

My wife, where have you gone? I hope you are well. Your art seems to be taking off on instagram, and it makes so happy to see. You’ve worked so diligently at your craft, but I hope you are taking time for yourself. You pour so much effort into everything you do. I don’t understand how you make time for yourself, and I’m not entirely sure you do, but you are so deserving of it. Not to imply that others are not, everyone is, but you really push the boundaries of our field and what should be expected of a designer.

My first memory of you was before we even started at university. I saw your post on the Facebook group, and I slid into your DMs to ask if you’d want to be my roommate. I’m not sure if you remember that. In your reply, you seemed so joyous, using a plethora of butterfly and bee emojis, so many so I honestly had to double check that I wasn’t being played. You are angelic creature, one with nature. Although when I first met you in person, I was in such a dead, cynical part of my life. I didn’t understand how someone so outwardly loving could want to be friends with someone so depressing such as myself. It took me a while to get used to your presence, but once I did I can’t imagine life any other way.

As I’ve grown to know you more, I wonder if you use all the happiness, smiles, sparkles as a facade, which is not meant as an insult rather just a query. We all have our own way of shielding ourselves from the world, but even so your smile is still the most genuine smile I’ve witnessed! Your laugh is contagious, and I’m very happy we’ve become friends. I hope we can grow this friendship. I'm ready for some next level coffee boss women dates, but that is only if you’d want to as well! I hope you feel loved, and if you don’t please reach out! I’m sure I can find more words to smother you with, poems, drawings, flowers, showers, hugs, kisses, anything for my wife!


©2020 maura lian