Dear No. 11,

My dear child, where have you been?! I miss our late night homework and somewhat anxiety inducing Wednesday cram sessions. I miss eating Khims and drinking Yerbas. I miss cry-ranting with you. I miss picnic dates in the park. I miss your sparkling personality.

I know you were going through some shit when we were last talking, but your light shines so bright. You never let anyone dull your luminosity for too long, and you always come back bigger, brighter than before. No matter how distant we may be, physically or emotionally, I will be here for you. You were there for me in a time of deep confusion, frustration to say the least. You helped comfort me when I was weary, and you wiped my tears when I couldn’t. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and continue to do, for me. I’m sorry I could never repay the favor, but I’ll try if you let me.

I miss my best friend.


©2020 maura lian