Dear No. 10,

It’s strange. You live so close to me and I never knew it. It’s funny how we can be in the same online class, looking at similar white walled backgrounds, and hear the same street noise, yet still feel so distant.

It really is kismet that we met in RAP. Your artwork and work ethic have always inspired me. I love your curiosity and passion for learning, it makes talking to you so much more stimulating. There’s few people in my circle of friends that are similar to me in that respect, and I really love having someone to bounce ideas off of. I remember the project you did on plastic bags, almost two years later it still has my attention. The new stuff you're posting about is also really intriguing. I’m obsessed with your graphic style and attention to detail.

I remember when you told me you were taking a gap semester, I was so sad. You were one of those people I didn’t see regularly, but I was always happy anytime I did. You made going to class exciting. You’ve got such a powerful yet soft touch to your work. I admire your compassion and humility. You know what needs to be done and you do it without complaining or wasting time. You handle your shit gracefully. We need more people like yourself to help recenter those who, similar to myself, sometimes fall astray.

Thank you for all your support with this project, and all those previous. I love you, and good luck taking the GRE!


©2020 maura lian