Dear No. 09,

Bro… It’s come time where I have to write yours and I can’t think, all I can do is laugh. You make me laugh more than anyone, and maybe that’s because we’re so similar. You sent me a tweet, or maybe it was an instagram post I can’t remember, that was talking about how best friends feel like an appendage. You told me I was your arm. I’m not sure how that sits with me. Firstly, why am I such a functional piece of your body? You’re giving me so much autonomy. Secondly, and equally as an important a question, which arm is it? I want to be the dominant one, your right arm, lol!

You say you’re a very emo person, which I can’t deny, but contradicting that is your avoidance to gushy stuff. I’ll keep this brief. I love you. You give me so much life, always willing to go along with my stupid irrational ideas.

I’ve loved watch you grow into your own conscious being. You’re still a little FOMOy, but I’m not here to call you out, and honestly who isn’t, especially with how everything been going. I hope you stay in the US long enough that we can go back to a bar, and you can finally watch me swell up like red whale ;p


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