Dear No. 08,

Sir!!! A few of these letters I wrote to my people who feel like my siblings, but there’s no doubt about it, you don’t feel like a sibling, you are! You’ve cultivated the feeling of familial warm so immaculately in a place that is known to be devoid of such love. Thank you for being my home, my family, my support system, my simp! It’s not always sunshine and rainbows with you, but there’s tenacity and passion and that’s what makes any grey day well worth the storm.

When you reached out three years ago I never could have imagined we’d become each others family away from home. It’s funny to think where we both ended up considering we started in Cambridge’s physics and engineering program. We really thought, we really thought we’d be physicists, haha! We’ve both come so far, and it’s unlike any other experience to grow with you.

Your family, biological family that is, are the most welcoming and hospitable people I’ve ever meet. They took me in as their own, only knowing me from stories and a few meals. The love they bared is what propels me to continue loving and having hope. It’s the late night snack runs, the attempted island clubbing, the movie in the garden, the fresh fish that brought so much delight to my most emotionally taxing and stressful summer. Thank you for giving me a home and making space for me in your life. I feel so loved! I only hope to reciprocate, even an ounce, the deep love you’ve shown me.

I love you and all your cute accented words.


©2020 maura lian