Dear No. 05,

Thank you for reintroducing me to Glass Animals. It brought back so many angsty middle school memories of mine, memories that I now am distanced far enough from to laugh at. And their new album slaps harder than anything I’ve listened to recently. I’m “going” (attending), their live stream concert on October 15th!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted me to, but I’m happy I went on the ski trip. As for why I was compelled to go, given that I knew only one other person and am a disproportionately clumsy skier, is still a mystery, but it was definitely a good decision, for obvious reasons.

When are we cooking together? I’ve learned a killer curry recipe I could show you. Or if that’s not your thing and we can’t agree on an actual dish, I’ve been wanting to experiment with making pie or cake!

I’m excited at the prospect of this budding friendship. You’re a really sweet and receptive person. You listen to me when I need to talk, but you’re also willing to fill the space when I don’t want to. We think so differently, your brain makes such interesting connections and I love hearing how you interpret the world. I wish you the best of luck with graduation, and can’t wait to hear whatever Poly Sci thesis you compose.


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