Dear No. 02,

I really miss you. You scared me this summer, I thought you were really upset with me to the point where I thought I wouldn’t hear from you for another few years, again. I know you’ve been experiencing a lot of chaos lately, and I’m sorry I’m not there to comfort you in person, but I’ve told you a million times, just call me. I’m still here, and I will support you through whatever you do.

I’ve written you a love letter before, and I’ll continue to do it. Although, for some reason I always get this feeling like it’s overstepping. That they make you uncomfortable, but you asked this time so oh well. You make me feel so loved and cared for, you’re an amazing friend. I never imagined I’d stay connected with anyone from high school. As cheesy as this metaphor is, I’m still going to make it. In high school, I was a closed and dying, quite literally, flower that just needed some love and sunlight. Thank you for being my love and sunlight, for caring and nurturing me, and helping me get me through all the break ups, rebounds, bruises, car meltdowns, and everything else I’m forgetting.

You will always hold a special place in my heart, even if we aren’t always close. We’re like magnets, we always seem to reconnect no matter how far we deviate from home. I’ll spare your time, because that’s enough tropes for one letter. Although, it’s quite interesting, I’m doing research on language for my thesis and I came across studies on metaphors. Why we speak in metaphors, and what it says about the collective whole, and most often they’re used because they’re the most well received. Since they aren’t as literal as using precise words, people are free to take what they will from them, making them more universal. Strange facts right, but interesting food for thought.

TL;DR: You’re my family and don’t you ever forget it. You’re stuck with me, ayyy!


©2020 maura lian