Welcome! I’m not sure what this space is quite yet, or what it’s supposed to be, or how it’ll be perceived. I’m not even sure I could call many of these letters love letters, they’re more like thoughts, fragments of myself I’m shipping off to all different corners of the internet.

If you’re not familiar with who I am, or who I’ve become in more recent years, I’m a fourth year design student, living in NYC during the pandemic who is looking to illuminate the criticality of social discourse in terms of accessibility and language. … That sounded like a weird amalgamation of bullshit to you too, right? Words are difficult. More simply, I care about myself and those I interact with and the types of interactions we create. I care about the future of our planet and the impact of my contributions. I care about this digital space we’ve created, the connections that it will build or destroy.

If you received a letter, there is no obligation or expectation to reply to anything said. Rather my intention is to spark intimacy on a platform that feels very dissociative. I’d also like to give anyone the opportunity to reply who’d like even if they haven’t been written to directly. Alternatively, if someone who hasn’t a letter yet would like one, I am more than happy to continue this project as long as you’re willing to ask. Part of this project is my attempt at transparently feeling, and another aspect is to normalize asking for love. Love isn’t a commodity, it’s infinite, but you have to be willing to ask and seek it, to be receptive and malleable.

For more on this project, reach out to me on any of my platforms :) You are all loved, and I wish you the best in whatever form that may present itself.

Maura (she/her)

©2020 maura lian