maura lian

Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet :~) I’m Maura, a recent Communications Design graduate from Pratt Institue. As a grpahic designer I enjoy experimenting with the dualities of systematic versus organic design and the familiarity of interface vernaculars. For more information about the work that I do, click the bolded project titles below!

2021: Mishap(py) Accidents2020: Let Me LoveWeVo MobileTranslating Relationships, Glass Onion; 2019: 4x5 Large Format, Pairogi Project; 2018: Sell Me Nothing

As a NYC based artist my office is my desk, is my couch, is my kitchen, is my lap, is anywhere I can fit my computer. For commissions, collaborations, and business inquiries contact me via 1email or 2direct message. Resume available upon request. For the pdf version of my portfolio please click here.

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