Hello 👋 I’m Maura a brooklyn-based graphic designer. As such, I specialize in brand identity,  information design, and digital campaigns. For samples of my work, explore the bolded projects below!

2023: AmikaHMS Academy; 2022: Pratt’s Virtual Campus Tour; 2021: Mishap(py) Accidents; 2020: Let Me Love, WeVo Mobile, Translating Relationships, Glass Onion; 2019: 4x5 Large Format, Designing the Spanish Civil War, Pairogi Project; 1999 - 2018: Archive.

Being a NYC designer means my office is my desk, is my couch, is my kitchen, is my floor, is anywhere I can fit my computer. 📬 For commissions and inquiries contact me via 1email or 2direct message. Resume availble upon request. For the pdf version of my portfolio please click here.



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